2002 World Cup.header

2002 FIFA World Cup was co-hosted by Japan and South Korea. UEFA was allocated 15 places in the FIFA World Cup Finals. They were filled with

  1. FRA France
  2. POR Portugal
  3. ITA Italy
  4. ESP Spain
  5. GER Germany
  6. ENG England
  7. SWE Sweden
  8. IRL Republic of Ireland
  9. DEN Denmark
  10. CRO Croatia
  11. TUR Turkey
  12. BEL Belgium
  13. SVN Slovenia
  14. RUS Russia
  15. POL Poland

Group StageEdit

The top 2 in each group advanced to the knockout stage. Nine of the 15 UEFA countries qualified but did not include the highly-ranked France and Portugal.

Group A Group B Group C Group D Group E Group F Group G Group H
1   DEN DEN   ESP ESP       GER GER   SWE SWE    
3         POR POR       CRO CRO   RUS RUS
4   FRA FRA   SVN SVN     POL POL        

Knockout StageEdit

Nine UEFA countries advanced to the knockout stage. England, Turkey, Spain and Germany reached the quarter finals. Germany continued to the final to become the 2006 runners-up. Whilst Turkey finished with third place.

Round of 16 Quarter-finals Semi-finals Final
Winner A v Runner-up F            
    DEN  Denmark
    ENG  England  
    ENG  England
Winner C v Runner-up H
    BEL  Belgium  
Winner F v Runner-up A
      TUR  Turkey  
    SWE  Sweden
Winner H v Runner-up C
      TUR  Turkey  
    TUR  Turkey  
Winner B v Runner-up E
      GER  Germany 2nd
    ESP  Spain
    IRL  Republic of Ireland  
    ESP  Spain
Winner D v Runner-up G
    ITA  Italy  
Winner E v Runner-up B
      GER  Germany  
    GER  Germany
    GER  Germany     TUR  Turkey 3rd
Winner G v Runner-up D

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