ALB ALB Albania GEO GEO Georgia NED NED Netherlands
AND AND Andorra GER GER Germany NIR NIR Northern Ireland
ARM ARM Armenia GIB GIB Gibraltar NOR NOR Norway
AUT AUT Austria GRE GRE Greece POL POL Poland
AZE AZE Azerbaijan HUN HUN Hungary POR POR Portugal
BLR BLR Belarus ISL ISL Iceland ROU ROU Romania
BEL BEL Belgium IRL IRL Republic of Ireland RUS RUS Russia
BIH BIH Bosnia and Herzegovina ISR ISR Israel SMR SMR San Marino
BUL BUL Bulgaria ITA ITA Italy SCO SCO Scotland
CRO CRO Croatia KAZ KAZ Kazakhstan SRB SRB Serbia
CYP CYP Cyprus LVA LVA Latvia SVK SVK Slovakia
CZE CZE Czech Republic LIE LIE Liechtenstein SVN SVN Slovenia
DEN DEN Denmark LTU LTU Lithuania ESP ESP Spain
ENG ENG England LUX LUX Luxembourg SWE SWE Sweden
EST EST Estonia MKD MKD Macedonia SUI SUI Switzerland
FRO FRO Faroe Islands MLT MLT Malta TUR TUR Turkey
FIN FIN Finland MDA MDA Moldova UKR UKR Ukraine
FRA FRA France MNE MNE Montenegro WAL WAL Wales


This category has the following 3 subcategories, out of 3 total.

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